Ever since their first concert together at the Basel Cathedral in 2002, Stephan Grieder and Sam Burckhardt have given an annual concert in Basel. Even though the combination of a pipe organ and a saxophone may seem odd, the two instruments share an important common bond––wind, and thus create a perfect pair for dialogs. Stephan, with a background in classical and rock music, and Sam with a background in Blues and Jazz, bring their voices together in a broad variety of pieces, both written and improvised, traditional and non-traditional. In combining their two voices, they create a new language.

Sam Burckhardt, tenor saxophone
Stephan Grieder, organ

Recorded in Basel, Switzerland, June 2006
Mastered by Hans Ulrich
Photography by Richard Wilson
Design by Sarah Drake

Copyright: © ® 2006

42mb .zip file

1. Introduction G. F. Händel
2. Blue Turns Green S. Burckhardt
3. Blues No. 2 S. Burckhardt & S. Grieder
4. Windspiel S. Grieder
5. Sketches No. 1 through 6 S. Grieder
6. Nachtwandler S. Burckhardt & S. Grieder
7. Meditation S. Burckhardt
8. Sarabande J. C. de Chambonnières
9. Dampfmaschine S. Burckhardt & S. Grieder
10. New Jericho S. Burckhardt, S. Grieder, P. Landis