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1. Introduction G. F. Händel
2. Blue Turns Green S. Burckhardt
3. Blues No. 2 S. Burckhardt & S. Grieder
4. Windspiel S. Grieder
5. Sketches No. 1 through 6 S. Grieder
6. Nachtwandler S. Burckhardt & S. Grieder
7. Meditation S. Burckhardt
8. Sarabande J. C. de Chambonnières
9. Dampfmaschine S. Burckhardt & S. Grieder
10. New Jericho S. Burckhardt, S. Grieder, P. Landis


Ever since their first concert together at the Basel Cathedral in 2002, Stephan Grieder and Sam Burckhardt have given an annual concert in Basel. Even though the combination of a pipe organ and a saxophone may seem odd, the two instruments share an important common bond––wind, and thus create a perfect pair for dialogs. Stephan, with a background in classical and rock music, and Sam with a background in Blues and Jazz, bring their voices together in a broad variety of pieces, both written and improvised, traditional and non-traditional. In combining their two voices, they create a new language.

Sam Burckhardt, tenor saxophone
Stephan Grieder, organ

Recorded in Basel, Switzerland, June 2006
Mastered by Hans Ulrich
Photography by Richard Wilson
Design by Sarah Drake

Airway Records AR 4764
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